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Mensch is a pioneer company in breeding and cultivating sea cucumbers, has a quality control system from breeding and raising to finished products.


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Advantages of sea cucumber

What effect does sea cucumber use?

The story of "Sam Hai Danh Thai"

Among the tonic is called ginseng of Oriental medicine, apart from those drug originated from real area such as Ginseng Party Ginseng, Dan Sam ... Only 1 taste from living things: It is Hai Ginseng or Ginseng from the sea

The substance is found in sea cucumbers and its effects on the body

  • Supply 5 times more energy than pork & 3.5 times more beef
  • 2 types of saponins are Rg (Causing nervous excitement, anti-fatigue fatigue and physical strength enhancement) and RH (Inhibiting cell effects cancer)
  • Rich in Vitamins: Vitamin B1, B2, B12, C ... and microelements

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